Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

If you are a truck or a bus owner or a heavy machinery operator, you might wonder what if my vehicle gets stuck on the road because of a breakdown?

If so, should I call for help on the road or is there any affordable and reliable service in Sherwood Park that can be reached instantly to have my vehicle towed to my location?

Thankfully, Sherwood Towing is here solely for that purpose: To tow your heavy-duty vehicle in any such event. You don’t have to ask for unprofessional help, tow your vehicle with another vehicle, and take a risk.

Our professional and experienced staff will make sure your truck is safely transported to the desired location. You can keep your mind at peace should anything uninvited happen on the road.

Difference between Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Towing

To draw a contrast, let’s look at the difference between light-duty towing and heavy-duty towing.

Light duty towing refers to the towing of smaller vehicles like different-sized cars. These tows can be performed by most towing vehicles.

Heavy-duty towing requires specialized vehicles to tow heavier vehicles, including trucks and buses safely. Towtrucks that tow these vehicles are equipped with high horsepower to be able to do it effectively and safely.

How Does Heavy-Duty Towing Work?

Towing your heavy-duty vehicle may seem daunting at first; moving an enormously heavy machine (although on tires) “safely” is definitely no piece of cake.

But, thankfully, our heavy-duty tow trucks have wheel-lift technology and powerful engines; this enables them to lift and tow your heavy-duty vehicles, inflicting no damage.

Basically, your vehicle’s axle or wheels are lifted from one side and the other two tires are left on the ground. Once your truck or bus is in a safe position to move, we move it to your desired location.

Don’t worry. Our experienced personnel and powerful towing trucks will get it done safely and efficiently.

Choosing a Heavy-Duty Sherwood Towing Company

Choosing a towing company is the one thing you have to do yourself; you may get inclined to opt for a relatively new towing company due to their “impressive” rates, but by doing so, you might end up regretting your decision.

So, careful consideration before you can get the work done is necessary, especially when it’s the question of your vehicle’s safety.

With over 10 years of experience in towing and a wide fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks, Sherwood Towing will probably be the one company you can trust with your vehicle for the long-term.

Towing a heavy-duty vehicle poses a pretty high risk for other cars on the road. With our highly professional and experienced operators, you can have peace of mind from that concern.

With us, you will not only get a reliable towing service, but you will also get a team of highly motivated individuals ready to provide personalized assistance in a quick time.

So, if you have a truck or a bus and want a reliable towing solution for long-term peace of mind, let us assist you and be there for you 24/7.